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Updates on our repeater status, by our trustee KH6IN

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Visit to MK check on power, good. noticed rouge signal coming in on DMR repeater slot 1 at exactly 20 second intervals with no visable user showing up on dashbaord, traced to another DMR repeater in the area. Changed Color Code to 4 from 1 signal gone. Sent email to club members of change as well as club president. Dashboard updated to show CC 4
Maunakapu UHF Analog repeater replaced with Motorola SLR5700 DMR repeater on the brandmeister network using same frequency pair coordinated with Rick Ching. Tuned tested, rpt output 35 watts. Battery power holding good at 12.9 V with 13.6 V @ 4.4 amps in from the solar panels. Conditions at the time about 11:00 am were cloudy.


Added 40 foot Tower to Mauna Kapu Site and affixed VHF antenna to it with new coax. UHF antenna relocated to top of 20 original tower at site with new coax. Tested good at 1.2 swr each. Both antennas are dual band however tuned to their respective frequencies.
MK-146.80/444.100 Replaced Battery bank at MK this afternoon with 10 Eaton AGM 500 watt batteries. Power 13.1 V at estimated 416 amps. Load was 12.6 V @ 1.2 amp idle 8.6 tx/Float was 13.4 V/Panels were showing 14.1 V @ 7.7 amp Charge rate. Reduced Power to 25 watts on each repeater.


MK-146.80/444.100 Internet connection resolved, Adjusted input/output audio/ per 50 watts, swr 1.3. Batteries 13.3 volts.
Laie, 146.640 repeater off the air after someone (Sprint contractors) Stole our antenna, cut and stole our Heliax, broke into the room where the repeater is by removing the pins for the door, thus cutting the coax and turning off the repeater. We are treating this as a theft and have an approximate date of the occurrence as May 9, 2016.
146.880 DH repeater worked on today. Receiver at 2.0 mv input, no de sense noted, tx power lowered to 58 watts. Output PL removed due to audio issue when transmitting the PL tone. PL 88.5 required to access repeater. System is up and Stable at this time.
146.660 Olomana Repeater added to the linking system via Allstar and IP. PL changed from 103.5 to 88.5 TX/RX, however will accept input PL of 103.5 to allow time for folks to change their radios, will only transmit output PL of 88.5, output power 17.5 watts out the duplexer, .02 watts reflected. 449.150 Olomana UHF repeater taken out of service, output power 0.15 watts, will need to be sent in for repair. Once repair UHF will be returned to service and frequency reversed to match current band plan to 444.150 TX 449.150 RX with PL of 88.5.
146.880 Diamond Head Repeater added into the DEM allstar network. PL added 88.5 input no tx pl at this time. Due to City Intranet unable to link out the 88 machine into the EARC links, will need to discuss possibility at a later date. We will also have to redo the node numbers, as communication was not clear on which private node numbers are in use. Will be done later this week.
Maunkapu repeaters (146.80/444.100): Added input/output PL 88.5. Rechecked Audio and Deviation. Upgraded computer image with new RPI software eliminating audio delay. Tested good 50 watts.
146.880 Repeater moved to new PSB building on Diamond. Tested good at 100 watts. Repeater tx antenna awaiting permanent installation, currently tx antenna is located at a lower spot on the front of the building which will affect coverage until permanent new pole can be put in
The Kenwood TKR repeaters were replaced with new Icom FR-5000/6000 repeaters. Internet was added with the Cradlepoint IBR600 router and Verizon service. Installed RPi2 Computer with new DMK URI's. Added Icom IC-6011 LMR for RF Link to Diamond Head and installed Yagi Antenna for the link. Repeaters tuned to 3.5 khz deviation and set for maximum output with a 1.5:1 swr. Added D4 260 amp battery to the system (donated).
Maunakapu site upgrade and repair. A crew of members went to the site, repair was done on the existing tower and better securement put in. tower was raised 15 feet, V and U antennas were given better separation. A ground rod was put in place and connected. Two more solar panels were added for an additional 500 watts of power and a new 60 amp solar controller was added to prevent further power glitching.
Current Kenwood TKR-750/850 to be replaced with newer Icom FR-5000/6000 interfaced with Allstar and IP linking. The Kenwood UHF was removed from service and the VHF was left online in stand alone mode, the controller was disconnected. Currently the VHF is not ID'ing and needs to be manually ID'd.


No significant changes
Maunakapu VHF and UHF offline. Rodents got in the building and defecated on the controller and repeaters. Repeaters and Controller removed to be cleaned.
Maunakapu repeaters placed back online and working ok.


Maunakapu VHF and UHF offline. Rodents got in the building and defecated on the controller and repeaters. Repeaters and Controller removed to be cleaned.
Maunakapu repeaters placed back online and working ok.
No significant changes


No significant changes
Olomana UHF and VHF repeaters replaced with Icom URFR-5000/6000 repeaters. Tested and working within specs.


No significant changes


No significant changes
Laie repeater replaced with Icom URFR-5000 repeater with cat 200b repeater controller. Tested and working within specs. PL added 103.5 in/out.


Diamond Head. Installed new antenna on UHF 444.500/449.500 repeater, JT2B 8db gain UHF. Installed Ground Rod on antenna system for VHF 146.88/28. Tested and realigned UHF repeater and duplexers, UHF now opens at 20db on receive.
Installed new repeater at Laie 146.64/04. Icom FR5000, New Rack Mount Power Supply. Tested Output 50 Watts.
March 2010
HMB VHF online, new amplifier in place. Tested output set at 50 watts, antenna needs work. UHF Offline.

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March 2009
HMB repeaters offline for re racking and repair. During re racking of VHF power amp blew out. HMB offline.
April 2009
Tested and realigned transmitter/duplexers DH 146.88/28 repeater.

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New antenna installed for Diamond Head 146.880 repeater. Diamond F23H.
New antenna is in. Working on date and time to install
BOD approves purchase of new antenna for Diamond Head 146.880 repeater
Diamond Head repeater having trouble receiving. Jim checked out, high SWR probably bad antenna again. Placed on back up antenna today.
Power Supply on Mauna Kapu out of order. Replaced with Astron 35 power supply
Changed out Diamond Head antenna. Re-installed the Workman UVS-300 dual band omni antenna. Thanks go out to all that helped, including Ralph(NH6PY) for the photos of the install. These can be viewed in the Listserv Photos section.
Installed new power supply on Mauna Kapu Repeater. Thanks go out to Bill(AH6TW) for his help changing the MK power supply.
Diamond Head VHF 146.88 antenna removed due to moisture damage at the base. Antenna sent back to manufacuterer for repair or replacement under warrenty. Parts are also being assembled for replacing the mounting mast on the pole.
Olomana VHF Repeater noted not working.
Returned Mauna Kapu VHF, 146.800-, repeater back to service. Thanks go out to Bill(AH6T), Kimo(KH7U), Wayne(KH6MEI), Chris(NH7QH), and Jim(KH6JKG) for their time and assistance. Additionally, added VHF circulator just before the 146.200 receive duplexer, including other routing controller updates.
Peacock Flats install of Motorola MSF-5000. Photos on Yahoo! Groups list serv wh6czb_earc Photos section.
Changed out Diamond Head repeater antenna. Test successful.

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Diamond Head reported to have bad antenna.

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Makakilo New Repeaters & Controller. Photos on Yahoo! Groups list serv wh6czb_earc Photos section.
Makakilo Antenna Changeout. Photos on Yahoo! Groups list serv wh6czb_earc Photos section.
The Diamond Head VHF repeater 146.880- is operating on an alternate antenna has reduced transmit and receive range. It is recommended that users utilize the UHF side on 444.500+. - NH7QH/KH6JKG

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The Mauna Kapu VHF repeater 146.800- is down and being serviced. The Mauna Kapu UHF repeater is operating on very low transmit power. - NH7QH/KH6JKG
The Olomana VHF repeater 146.660- is back up. - KH7UK/NH7QH/KH6JKG
The Mauna Kapu VHF repeater 146.800- is down again due to noise getting through the squelch intermittently for several days. - KH7UK/NH7QH
The Mauna Kapu VHF repeater 146.800- is now operational. The Mauna Kapu UHF repeater 444.100+ is now operational, but on low power. - KH6JKG
The Olomana VHF repeater 146.660- was confirmed to be not working. - KH7UK

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The Mauna Kapu VHF/UHF repeaters down due to continued interference. We will post more information as soon as it becomes available.
The Mauna Kapu UHF machine has been up for several weeks... we only changed the status box today. Also, the Laie 146.640- repeater is not linked to Peacock Flats at this time. Jim will head to the repeater site sometime this week to check on it.

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The Mauna Kapu UHF 444.100+ repeater is currently down. We will be checking on the possible causes of interference that has been keying the repeater with an open carrier and static.
The 146.640- Laie repeater is currently not linked to the 146.760- Peacock Flats repeater. A trip to the site will be done in the near future.
The Diamond Head 146.880-/444.500+ repeaters are operating at full power. Thanks to Kevin, AH6QO, for passing along the good news.
The Diamond Head 146.880-/444.500+ repeaters are up once again.
The Diamond Head 146.880-/444.500+ repeaters are down. The repeater status page has been updated. Will post more information as it becomes available.
The Mauna Kapu 146.800-/444.100+ repeaters are up and working properly. The repeater status page has been updated. Thanks to Jim (KH6JKG), and Todd (KH7UK) for their hard work.
The Mauna Kapu 146.800-/444.100+ repeaters are currently down. No further information is available at this time.
IRLP node '3668' operational atop the Peacock Flats 146.760- and linked Laie 146.640- repeater. Thanks, Jim and Carter (KH6FV). The links sounds awesome.
IRLP node '3197' operational atop the Olomana repeater, thanks Jim. Usage guidelines are currently being considered. More later.
Courtesy tone on the Diamond Head repeaters re-enabled.

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146.66 MHz repeater is back up. The board is green. Todd conferred with Jim and reset the alarms.
146.66 repeater is down due to a continuous CW ID.
All repeaters are still up. No major problems reported since June.
All repeaters are up. Jim, KH6JKG writes, "Today I managed to get to Mauna Kapu in the PM. I installed one of the VHF Eng. that was tuned up for 146.20/146.80. The Motorola mobile didn't operate porperly. So, I will need to do more troubleshooting on this unit, time permitting."
146.88 MHz repeater is back up. Jim, KH6JKG and Randy, AH6Q picked up the VHF repeater from the HFD radio shop and reinstalled it at Diamond Head.
From Todd, KH7UK, "The 146.880 repeater is down due to very weak output signal. It sounds as if the power amplifier may have failed. Reports from Mike WH7T and Ray NH6RZ state that the repeater dropped out about 2100 Monday night. It was stated that this occurred about the time of the Makiki area power failure last night. Coincidence? Hard to say. Mike also brought up the possibility that rain got into the feedline, causing an increased SWR, causing the PA to shutdown. Whatever the case, I disabled the VHF side transmitter in case the PA is still trying to run full power into high SWR. When I tested it, transmit power was very low, similar to the Y2K failure when the PA of that machine failed and the exciter transmitted barely to the Makiki area. The UHF repeater 444.500+ is up and operating normally to the best of my knowledge. I may enable VHF receive only, so in case someone calls on VHF, at least people listening to UHF can hear them."
AH6QO DE KH6JKG: Please change D449.150- to: U449.15- (in green.) Todd, did a great job on balancing the audio. ID's, UHF, VHF. Plus adding more labels. So, If there is ever a need to change or upgrade the controller, the process is less time consuming.

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