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The EARC Antenna Help Group is coordinated by Tom, KH6AAA.

Contact Info:

KH6AAA ... Tom Seale ... 808-589-6634 ... tomseale@gmail.com

The "Antenna Help Group" consists of hams who have been around the block a few times and who are willing to assist club members with antenna challenges.

Primarily designed for newly licensed and Technician Class members, the group is more than willing to field questions from anyone regarding antennas.

If you have any questions about an antenna situation, please contact Tom, using the above published information, and he will coordinate the appropriate assistance. At this time, there will be no house calls.

Great HF Antennas:

Full length half-wave dipoles, with the feed at one end of the antenna, vice the middle. These are extremely portable and can be used as either vertical, horizontal, or sloping antennas.

Great VHF Antennas:

Great Homebrew Antenna Projects:

Croquet Wire Ground Plane
Put together out of croquet wires by WH7DA, this ground plane is an example of how easy it is to construct simple antennas out of materials laying around the house, that still work like purchased production antennas.

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