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Amateur and Ham and Emergency Radio Operations in Honolulu, Hawaii

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We are an ARRL affiliated club, committed to supporting the amateur radio hobby.We operate in Honolulu Hawaii and support all types of ham and amateur radio operations such as Allstar, IRLP, DMR, packet, and of course HF, VHF, and UHF.

ARES - Amateur Radio Emergency Service

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Welcome to EARC...


...Website of the Hawaii Emergency Amateur Radio Club.

Whether you are newly licensed, recently upgraded, or just , getting back into the hobby... this club is your start to life-long friendships and an exciting hobby.

EARC General Membership Meeting:

Next Meeting is September 21, 2021

Virtual Meeting via Zoom 1845 to 2115

To join the Zoom meeting, the link will be sent via groups email at groups.io. Please join if you haven't. Aloha.


WHEN: OCTOBER 19, 2021, 7:00 PM

WHERE: EARC General Membership Meeting Ė via Zoom Meetings


Aloha Members,

This serves as notice of the EARCís annual general membership meeting to be held on October 19th 2021 at the above address and time. At this meeting elections of new officers and members of the Board of Directors of the club for the coming year 2022 will be held.

As of September 6, 2021 nominations for officers and members of the Board of Directors for 2022 will be open and may be emailed to Steve, KH6WG at skawamae@gmail.com or by mail to P.O. Box 30315, Honolulu, HI 96820. All nominees must be current active members of the club as well as the person making the nomination. Nominations will be accepted by email and USPS mail up to October 16, 2021, any nomination received by USPS to the PO Box or email received after October 16th will not be accepted, however nominations will be accepted from the floor at the meeting during the open nomination period prior to voting. All nominees must accept the nomination in order to be placed on the ballot and be present at the meeting.

Registration for the meeting will start at 6:00 PM and the meeting will start at 7:00 pm or as soon as the majority is signed in and registered for the meeting.

Steve Kawamae, KH6WG- President EARC

6-40 Meter End Fed Matchbox Antenna information

=====>> Click here for End Fed Matchbox Info Page.

Hawaiian Islands Grid Madness 2021 - Sunday, September 19 2021

A VHF/UHF Simplex Event from 1300 to 1700 HST Click here for Grid Madness Info

Group Email and Site

Please subscribe below if you would like to receive emails from the club/group. Subscription requests will be limited to active members of the club only. Mahalo

Club Group list (Opens a Separate Window)

DMR Brandmeister info

The Club has two Motorola SLR5700 DMR repeaters. The first of these two repeaters was installed on May 5th, 2018 at our Maunakapu site replacing the Analog UHF repeater there on 444.100.

Since turning it on there has been quite a bit of activity from users and we are happy to see it going so well. Click here to the repeaters section where you find a link describing the setup and talkgroups for this repeater.

The second repeater on 444.500 in town.

Repeater Status:

Scroll down to the end of the page for repeater status and updates.

Membership Dues

Membership expires at the end of December 2019. Dues can be paid through Paypal or through our club P.O. address (no cash please), or in person at our general membership meeting


Club Event Calendar (Opens a Separate Window)

HF Solar Index:


Other Information

Repeater Status:

As of 12/25/2019

EARC Repeaters

Click here for DEM Allmon Page (Link Status). Does not work well with IE

Contact Webmaster with comments or corrections for webpages: Email Webmaster

  • Kakaako, UHF 444.500+
  • DMR Brandmeister Repeater (311550) CC5
  • Mauna Kapu...VHF 146.800 Minus
  • Allstar Node 1061, PL Output PL 88.5
  • Mauna Kapu...UHF 444.100 Plus
  • DMR Brandmeister Repeater (311549) CC4
  • Mt. Olomana...146.660 Minus PL88.5
  • Allstar Node 1065
  • Mt. Olomana...444.150 Plus PL88.5
  • Allstar Node 1066
  • Laie...146.640 Minus PL 103.5

Repeaters Around Oahu:(under construction)


  • Diamond Head...VHF 146.880 Minus PL 88.5
  • Diamond Head...Private Allstar Node.
  • FFMB (downtown)...146.98 Minus pl 88.5
  • Downtown Honolulu...Private Allstar Node
  • Puu Manawahua...146.86 Minus pl 88.5
  • Palehua, Above Makakilo...Private Allstar Node
  • Peacock Flats...146.76 Minus pl 88.5
  • North Shore...Private Allstar Node
  • Kahuku...146.90 Minus pl 88.5
  • North Shore...Private Allstar Node


  • Diamond Head...147.06 Plus pl 103.5
  • Private Allstar Node
  • Diamond Head...444.350 Plus pl 103.5
  • Private Allstar Node

Other Repeaters:

  • Salt Lake...147.10 Plus pl 123.0
  • Allstar Node 40944
  • Mililani...442.175 Plus pl 103.5
  • Allstar Node 40763
  • Mililani...442.300 CC 1
  • DMR Repeater

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